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Naf aquaplus gold vinyl 7mm + 1.5mm underpad dupont (17.91pc/bte)

Naf aquaplus gold vinyl 7mm + 1.5mm underpad dupont (17.91pc/bte)

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17,91 Pieds carrés / BOÎTE


1) UV Coating Layer - Provides protection against UV rays, to help resist fading. 

2) Wear Layer - The wear layer provides durability, stain and scratch resistance, adds texture. 

3) Decorative Layer - Provides stylish and lifelike reproductions of real wood surfaces. 

4) SPC/Rigid Core Board - A core layer providing the strength of the flooring. 

5) IXPE Underlay - IXPE is a closed-cell foam that is 100% waterproof, and impervious to mildew, mold rot, and bacteria, while providing excellent sound-proofing capabilities.

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